Advance • Achieve • Succeed

Happy Horse Success Program

The secret of motivation is having a purpose. Waking up every day with the purpose of making your horse happy is a noble pursuit and the Happy Horse Curriculum teaches you how to do that step by step, module by module. The Happy Horse Success Program drives you to advance, achieve and succeed. It will keep you on track as well as help you celebrate and recognize your achievement.

Measuring your progress is the way to stay motivated and progressive. You can do this through self assessment and/or professional evaluation. Get ready to collect your awards!

Complete a Module, self-assess, get a badge.


Take the official test for each level.



Badge Completion Awards

Complete a Module, Self-Assess, Get a Badge.

Work through the lessons in each module and check them off your checklist.
When you have completed the lessons and self assessments for each Module download your virtual badge to celebrate and signify what you’ve accomplished.

There are 10 badges available for ground handling and 9 for riding accomplishments!
Collect them virtually and get the iron-on patches to proudly wear on your sleeve, vest, jacket, or put it on a saddle blanket or wall-hanging…!


Level Awards

Take the Official Test for each Level

If you are success driven and want professional evaluations, take the next step. The Levels awards are designed for each tier of the curriculum and there is a short, specific test for you to perform:

1st Level – Core Behaviors (Modules 1-3)
2nd Level – Qualities (Modules 4-6)
3rd Level – Performance (Modules 7-10)

Send in a video of the test for each Level, receive a professional evaluation and feedback. You earn a certificate and special Level Badge (digital and iron-on) for your achievement!

hone your skills in person

Live Events with Linda Parelli.

Linda is a master at teaching through video, but nothing beats attending a live event and learning in person. We offer five day clinics in Florida, as well as other clinics across the United States and internationally. We also have a two day Happy Horse Happy Life Conference once a year!

How it Works


Watch the test video, work on the requirements, then upload your video of the test for each Level.


Receive a professional evaluation, feedback and advancement to the next Level.


Earn a certificate and special Level Badge (digital and physical) for your achievement!